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WARNING: THIS IS A GIANT/ESS DOUBLE MORPH STORY, with slight Muscle/Growth and Clothes Rippage.
If you are not into this please turn away, or not, but you have been warned!

Looking at the Digivice Burst in his hand, then back at Dekujyamon, Takayu knew what he had to do, rolling onto his back and looking up at the Machinedramon that was now standing in place as the lead scientist was trying to make sense of just what was happening. That was all the red-head needed, throwing out his fist at Machinedramon, his fist igniting with a ferociously fiery DigiSoul as Machinedramon was knocked back.
“That pixelated element around your hand again. Just what is that?” the scientist demanded to know.
“It’s the symbol of the bond between me and my Partner. The DigiSoul. It’s also what will put an end to Machinedramon and your plans, you psycho!
DIGISOUL!!!” he yelled, tossing the red and black Digivice Burst into the air as he got to his feet, then reaching out with his ignited hand and catching it. CHARGE! OVERDRIVE!!” he roared over the destroyed base and labs as Dekujyamon leapt into the swirling vortex of DigiSoul that the Digivice had created.”


Within the vortex, Dekujyamon’s data was stripped away, her base form being replaced by a new red and black armour. In her right hand appeared a large sword with digital lettering. In her left hand, a shield with a sun like symbol on it. Across her eyes came a visor that had wings on either side as two large wings shot out of her back.


“Melfina!” Auroramon chimed. “We should go too!”
“Indeed!” the girl agreed, her own hand igniting with an icy blue DigiSoul. “Let’s freeze them to the core! DIGISOUL!!” Melfina yelled, following Takayu’s example and tossing the tiny Digivice into the air while she got to her feet and then catching it. “CHARGE! OVERDRIVE!!” she called, Auroramon doing as Dekujyamon had done and leaping into the vortex of DigiSoul that her Partner’s Digivice Had created.


The cute and cuddly twin-tailed squirrel transformed within the vortex, the tuft of shaggy hair becoming a long and elegant full head of hair as she took on a more humanoid and angelic form, her cold blue steel armour with its snowflake design contrasting the fiery red armour of Takayu’s Partner as small wings grew from either side of her face which then were accented by blue markings on her cheeks, as a helm settled on her head. Her angelic wings were folded down but shone as if glittered by ice and diamonds. She carried a harp as her weapon.
This Digimon was a beautiful sight to behold.


“All right! Let’s finish this!” Takayu called as he and Altor Fusillamon rushed Machinedramon for a physical altercation, Takayu going back for the ground and pound strategy whilst AltorFusillamon created a ring of fire in order to trap the mechanical menace.
“BOOSTER CLAW!!” Machinedramon roared, its left claw spiralling like a drill before the Digimon attempted to thrust it into Takayu’s side.
“BRAVE SHIELD!” AltorFusillamon called, throwing her shield and stopping Machinedramon from skewering her Partner, the drill went right through the shield, but the distraction gave Takayu enough time to roll away and fall back as Machinedramon’s attention now fell on AltorFusillamon.
“INFINITY HAND!!” Machinedramon bellowed, but the sudden sound of music stopped the Mega level in its tracks, looking around, it had begun in snow in place and the source was Densetsumon playing a melody on her harp. Machinedramon attempted to turn around, its attention now struggling to keep a hold of the two new Mega levels that had risen to challenge it.
“This is my chance!” called AltorFusillamon, sweeping in with her Grey Sword to cleave away Machinedramon’s drill arm which had been frozen in place as it attempted to use its Infinity Hand, the arm becoming raw data  that was absorbed by the Digivices.
“IMPOSSIBLE!” cried the scientist as he watched ‘his creation’ get dismantled before him. He was now starting to wonder if the two were right. Had he chosen to mess with the wrong people? AltorFusillamon on the other hand wasn’t done, as the sound of Machinedramon’s cannon’s whirring to a start caught her ears. The Digimon was completely incapacitated by Densetsumon’s harp, and this was evident in the whirring becoming a screeching stall, like a car after a bad snow storm.
“Just to be safe!” AltorFusillamon taunted, sweeping in with the Grey Sword to cleave the cannons off of Machinedramon’s back before punting the Digimon toward the giant Melfina who delivered an overdue kick to the now weakened Digimon’s head, causing it to stumble back as Takayu rushed it one last time, pulling back his right hand and throwing it at Machinedramon, who fell toward Densetsumon who used her harp to literally whip up a storm that swirled the beaten Mega Digimon around and throw him into AltorFusillamon’s ring of fire.

“FINISH THIS NOW!!” the duo called in stereo, only to be interrupted by the scientist.
“Oh no you don’t! If we’re going down, we’re taking to delinquents with us! MUGEN-D57! USE YOUR CATASTROPHE DAY ATTACK!!”
Machinedramon let out a snarl, as its eyes shone and flashed an array of colours. “See you in hell, Digidestined!” the scientist called out. “Catastrophe Day is a failsafe I constructed as part of the Mugen-D57’s programming. Mugen-D57 will self-destruct and take you, your AIs, and half of this city out with it!”
“Y-You can’t!” Takayu cried out. “You can’t just obliterate half of the city at will!”
“I can and I will. If I can’t be the one to make this country great again, then I’ll take out everything and let it wallow in its own love of smartphones, computer games and 2D synthesised voice women.”
“Y-you’re looking at this all wrong!” Takayu responded. “This whole world is full of great people who have done or will do great things that change the course of history. Just because you can’t take this country to war against everyone else is no reason to destroy it. We do pro-wrestling like nobody else, we have a soccer team beloved the world over, continents like Europe and America look to us for our technology, our animation studios are heralded as being the best in the business. The last thing this country or any other needs is more war, more hatred and more intolerance. All your actions will do is take away everything that makes our world a great place.”
“Your naiveté is sickening. No wonder the girl despises being stuck with you.”
“I’m not naïve. I’m just hopeful that there will be a better tomorrow. You’re the one that’s naïve. Such childish wants and desires. World domination, I mean COME ON! Been through that before, get an original MO would you?”
“You dare mock me? You, the General’s delinquent son, and the orphan with no future?” the scientist laughed. “Any moment now Mugen will detonate and as I said, you’ll come to hell with me.” Takayu shook his head.
“No, that won’t be happening.”
“Oh, and why not?”
“You missed what happened before Machinedramon was knocked into that ring. My Partner sliced him like an onion!” Takayu smirked as Machinedramon’s eyes shone red once more, but instead of exploding, the ring of fire rose up and became a ringed wall of fire and eventually a blazing crystal that surrounded Machinedramon, trapping his raw data as the Mega level Digimon fell apart piece by piece until there was nothing left. The data followed the rest into Takayu and Melfina’s Digivices.

The scientist was beyond shaken up. His creation had just been destroyed in front of him, and now there were two giant teens that knew everything about what his plans were going forward. Not only that, but two angelic knight AIs were blocking any path he might have had to make a run for it. Looking up, there was an incoming chopper headed in their direction. It was a high-ranking official’s that much he could tell. The scientist slumped to his knees. It was all over now, he just knew it.

A short time later, the group found themselves in another lab, this one underground where Machinedramon, or Mugen-D57 had been synthesised. Melfina now wearing a large tarp like a toga similar to the one she forced around Takayu earlier. A man’s voice spoke; it was a familiar one to both of them, the voice of General Wada Syaoran, Takayu’s father.
“Using the data from your Digivices, we were able to rework the serum formula and reverse its effects. One swig of this and you should be back to normal in a few hours.”
“A few hours?” Melfina questioned. “Are your scientists that slow that you couldn’t get one to work a bit faster?” her expression one of unamusement as Takayu just knocked back the formula like it were a soft drink.
“Hmph. Why am I not surprised?” the General groaned. “If your original test enforcers hadn’t decided to overdose you with the serum in the first place, then this would be enough. However, this is just to start the process. We will need to recreate the circumstances you went through in order to accurately resolve your dilemma.”
“Typical Syaoran. Doing things by halves.”
“It can’t be helped I suppose.” Takayu mumbled, leaning against the wall of the underground lab. “Not their fault really, is it? But if I ever get my hands on whoever set this up…”
“Get in line Rustbucket.” Melfina snapped. “The stares I’ve had to put up with today, and the stress of all of this, not knowing at any stage whether I was going to live or die. And especially you, you pervert! Don’t think I didn’t catch you sneaking a peek now and then. I ought to have you locked up. Did all that oxygen up here go to your head and cause you to forget a few crucial details about this relationship of ours you moron? Did it?”

“Hey! Excuuuuse me, Pr--” Takayu was cut off by an energetic kick to the face, the young man slumping against the wall. From up on the walkways where the now de-Digivolved Dekujyamon and Auroramon were watching, they let out a very audible giggle which just earned them death glares from Melfina.
“It’s good to see that they haven’t changed without us.” Dekujyamon laughed.
“YEP YEP. Very good.” Auroramon replied. “Melfina could always be a bit nicer, but she just wouldn’t be Melfina if she wasn’t as fierce as always. I just wanna hug all the meanness away, but she’s so big and scary right now. What if she squishes me, Dekujyamon?”
“Sigh. I’m not going to squish you, you idiot. But you never did explain how you managed to get here from the Digital World.”
“Oh!” piped up Dekujyamon. “There’s a simple explanation for that!”
“Which is?” Melfina asked.
“Dekujyamon, Auroramon!” called the General. “Come on now, this room’s not safe. We need to leave Takayu and Melfina alone to get better. You can see them again in a few hours.”
“Aww, ok.” whined Auroramon. “See you soon, Melfina”.
With a wave and a smile, the Digimon left, Takayu not yet coming around from his kick. Melfina just glanced at his prone body and then to the clothes that had been prepared on a nearby table for when they were back to normal. Thinking back on the day, he was there for her the whole way. She would never admit it while he was conscious, but that was nice. She settled down beside him, both of them felt like more muscle than anything else, and she couldn’t wait for them both to go back to normal. To go home and take a shower in her own home.

And so time passed and after a long nap the two woke up close enough to being back in their regular bodies.
“Rustbucket! Wake up! Its time.” she called. Takayu rousing from his slumber to see Melfina holding a bottle of serum out for him. You never did take your swig earlier, did you? Think I might have kicked you before you had a chance.”
Takayu reached out and unscrewed the cap on the bottle, looking up at Melfina with a dazed stare on his face. He was just exhausted. More than anything all he wanted right now was his own bed. Without hesitation, he took a swig from the bottle and stood up, moving toward the table with his black and white outfit on it and a fresh pair of goggles.
“Well, somebody has their priorities intact, huh?” Melfina taunted.
“My other ones broke with all that extra growing I did out there.”
“You and your stupid fashion choices. I noticed your extra growing out there.”
“I would hope so. Not like you got away from – huh, weird…”
“What now?”
“I dunno, everything just feels constricted all of a sudden. Maybe it’s the serum. Wait, did you get taller?
“No, I didn’t get--” Melfina spun on heel in a bid to glare at Takayu, but when she turned around he was nowhere to be found. Where did you?!”
“Are you sure you took your serum. You’re getting taller by the second!” Takayu exclaimed, his eyes bugging as he noted a devilish smile crawl across Melfina’s face.
“What did you do?!” the red-head demanded to know, Melfina crouching down and picking Takayu up off the floor. “Twelves inches tall, no bigger than an action figure. This look suits you so much better, hahaha.”

Double Growth - Part 6?
My friend :iconleiyuna: loves writing/drawing Giant/ess stories, and during this past week has done a few projects using our old Digimon characters, Takayu Syaoran and Melfina Rose.
She wrote 3 parts to this story and then left it rather open ended, and then challenged me to finish it up to get me writing again.

I accepted and this is my effort.
This is also the reason it's in Scrapbook as it's not supposed to overtake her works, but just be an inspired continuation.
WARNING: THIS IS A GIANT/ESS DOUBLE MORPH STORY, with slight Muscle/Growth and Clothes Rippage.
If you are not into this please turn away, or not, but you have been warned!

“So war machines…” Takayu scoffed. “You’re using Digimon to build an army to go to war.”
“Digimon…?” the scientist questioned. “As in Digital Monsters? Hum, I guess you’re not such an idiot after all. That was quick thinking to come up with a name for these AI.”
“They are not just AI!” Melfina chimed in having found a tarp that was covering an unscathed fighter jet and wrapping it around Takayu’s waist.
“Wh-what are you doing?” he questioned.
“Making it so I can take you seriously, Rusty.” Melfina replied. “You really have no tact for just how… inappropriate you’ve been, do you?”
“Huh? What are you talking about?”
“You know what? Never mind. I forgot it was you I was dealing with. Every fibre of you is a distraction from something else.”
“Hey! Lovebirds!” the scientist called. “Back to the AI, eh?”
“SHUT UP YOU!” they both roared.
“If you really are using Digimon for these plans of yours, then I won’t forgive you.” Takayu stated.
“That world is protected. We’ve put too much work into it to let you just swan about and muck it all up.” Melfina continued, the look on the scientist’s face growing all the more confused.
“Right, whatever. The overdose of serum is obviously causing some sort of mental side effects as well as physical. But we’ll work out the kinks when running your data against that provided by what you coined as Digimon.”
“Wait!” Melfina cut in. “You’re saying that the serum was given to you?”
“Clever girl.” He retorted with a grin, tapping his earpiece again. “They are proving to be more trouble than they are worth. Send it out. They won’t be able to withstand It.” ending the conversation, he looked back at the giant duo. “You’ll see first-hand just what this creation of ours can do. Children, I give to you the ‘Mugen-D57’! Japan’s Light to the future!”

The ground shook again, though this time it was neither the giant duo, nor the commotion of tanks and choppers. Looking toward the ruined lab, the ground itself was opening up with a powerful whir, the sound of a platform rising and from it came a monstrosity as large as they were, a large, silver and black robot dragon with massive cannons on each of its shoulders. It was equipped with long claws and it let out a deafening roar as its eyes shone red.
“Th-that can’t be!” Melfina stated, gripping her shoulders as another growth burst felt as though it was going to come on at any moment.
“Ma.. Mach… MACHINEDRAMON!!” Takayu exclaimed, glaring at the scientist. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?!”

“GIGA CANNON!!” the machine type Digimon roared, Takayu and Melfina just barely making it out of harm’s way, the red-head clutching his chest as he felt another expansion coming on.
“Ugh, I could end up dying here!” he spat to himself. “We need to find a way to take down Machinedramon before that happens though. But how?”
“Don’t you dare tell me that this thing bothers you now that you’re as tall as it is, Rustbucket!” came Melfina’s cold voice as she struggled against the oncoming growth spurt. “When were normal sized you lived for throwing yourself at Digimon of that scope.”
“Yeah, but, back then we…” he started in response, but Melfina cut him off.
“We’re on our own now. We have to figure this out on our own! You felt like you could bench press a house before. How does that Clamato Fever of yours feel about a Mega level Digimon?”
“Ngh, fine. You’re right, of course. You’re always right. Let’s take this thing head on and take it down together!”

Overcoming the piercing pain, Takayu lunged at Machinedramon, the giant of a young man throwing his whole body into the Digimon in a bid to tackle it to the ground. This worked, the scientist’s eyes and lips buckling and quivering as Takayu began assaulting Machinedramon with ground and pound rights and lefts, his fists feeling carcinogenic as Machinedramon growled with each connecting punch.
“Mugen-D57!” screamed the scientist. “Don’t just take that punishment. Fight back! That is an order!”
Machinedramon’s eyes shone red again, the Digimon swiping at Takayu with its large metallic claws, the red head jumping back in the nick of time. Machinedramon sprung up also, swinging its large tail at Takayu, striking him hard enough that he was thrown back, only to be caught by Melfina.
“Are you ok, Rustbucket?!” Melfina asked, Takayu obviously trying to shake the cobwebs out.
“Oh yeah.” he lied. “Never better, Ice Queen.”
“Good!” she sneered, letting him drop. “Then get up and fight!”
“INFINITY HAND!!” Machinedramon roared, firing a blast from its left claw at the duo, this time Melfina was the one to protect Takayu, giving him a swift drop kick which propelled them both out of harm’s way, but just like the Giga Cannon, the Infinity Hand attack had travelled far toward the main city. This was going to get worse before it got better.

“Where’s all that bravado now, kids?” asked the scientist as Machinedramon stalked toward the duo.
“You really have no idea what you’ve unleashed, do you?” Melfina spat angrily. “That Digimon is unstable. You didn’t create it. It tricked you into realizing it into the real wor—Ahgghhah!!” Melfina cried out, her chest pressing against the sheet of metal covering her as her body began to contort once more. Machinedramon was towering over Takayu however, the red-head doing everything he can to avoid being squished by the massive metallic dragon.
“It tricked me?” questioned the scientist. “Don’t be ridiculous. I was the lead in its creation and in the serum that caused your growth. Don’t try to be coy with me.”
“A serum that you said IT provided you with. Don’t you get it? That thing knows who we are. What we’ve done. It helped you single us out because we’re the only ones left.”
“Machinedramon. Mega level Digimon. With its whole body in 100% full metal, it is the Digital World's strongest Digimon. It is thought that all of the many Cyborg Digimon produced so far were merely prototypes for the completion of Machinedramon, as it was built by synthesizing their parts—Megadramon's helmet and right claw, MetalTyrannomon's jaw and chest circuits, two of MetalMamemon's Psycho Blasters, MetalGreymon's left claw and chest plates, and Andromon's shoulder pads. Its power is at a level that would overwhelm other Digimon, and it possesses an intellect which boasts incomparable throughput.” Melfina responded, the scientist scoffing.
“You take me for a fool. What is this nonsense of a Digital World? Are you saying that there are more of these AI?”

“Plenty more!” gasped Takayu as he was now locked up with Machinedramon, trying to overpower the Digimon and get back on his feet. “And as we said before. It is protected. By us, and our Partners. And if you or anybody else are trying to disrupt that, then you will be stopped by us!” Takayu succeeded, pushing back against Machinedramon and attempting to tackle the Digimon again, but Machinedramon feinted and Takayu missed, running right past the Digimon as it pointed its cannons at Melfina. “GIGA C—“ the attack was cut off by Takayu who grabbed Machinedramon’s tail and started trying to drag it back toward the hole it came from. Tapping into his newfound if not terminal strength, Takayu did the inconceivable, he lifted Machinedramon off the ground and began spinning in circles. Round and round he went for thirty rotations, Machinedramon firing randomly as it tried to escape Takayu’s grip. “Takayu!” Melfina scolded. “Watch where you’re swinging that thing!” she yelled.
“MELFINA! You’re up!” Takayu called as he released Machinedramon, sending the Digimon hurtling toward Melfina, who threw a powerful kick, a super kick which sent Machinedramon hurtling back and dropped him into the hole he had risen from.
“What in the… just WHO are you delinquents?!” the scientist gasped.
“We’re the Digidestined!” the duo replied in stereo, fighting against the insurmountable pain they were in as their muscle, bone and flesh began to expand once more, their shoulders getting broader, their thighs thicker, their chests larger, their abs tighter. They stalked the scientist again, Takayu reaching down to pick him up in a tight grip.
“Melfina. I believe you wanted the pleasure of squeezing the life out of this pest.” Takayu teased, tightening his own grip slightly, the scientist wailing, pleading with the two not to put him out of his misery.
“Not until I get my cure!” she snarled, the scientist’s eyes lighting up.
“Ok, ok, you can have your cure. Just please, don’t hurt me. I’m sorry for what I’ve done.”
“Sorry?” Melfina questioned. “You tormented and tortured us and set a destructive beast on us and nearly the whole city. And you’re sorry?”
“I didn’t know what I was doing, I swear. That thing was obviously manipulating me! Look, if we just go that way, I can synthesise your cure.”
“That way?” Takayu muttered, cautiously looking in the direction the scientist had pointed, only for his eyes to meet Machinedramon’s.
“GIGA CANNON!!” it roared, the blasts catching their targets this time and throwing the giant duo to the ground with a tremendous force.

“Ugh, so this is it?” Takayu muttered, every inch of him hurting. “Taken out by a loony and a rogue Digimon.”
“Wouldn’t be the first time…” Melfina says through baited breath.
“I just… If this is the end, I’m glad to not have to go out alone.”
“Me… I… Yeah…”
“Any regrets.”
“Plenty. You?”
“I would have liked to see them again. Our Partners… if only just once.”
“Agreed.” Melfina reaches out and grabs Takayu’s hand, the boy shivering, a smile creeping across his face before his eyes glaze over.

“I’m disappointed in you, Partner!” came a female voice. “Where’s that zest and determination?”
“I’m sorry, Dekujyamon. The enemy was just too strong. But we tried. We really did.”
“Well stand up and try harder! We can do this together. The four of us.”
“That’s right!” came another high-pitched voice. “We’re not going to abandon you in your time of need, but we need you both to stand up. Now, please. Please. Pleeeeeaaasssse!”
“Auroramon!” snarled Melfina. “Must you be so annoying even now?”
“But if I don’t, you’ll never wake up and we can’t be having that, no no. By the way, Melfina. That metal doesn’t really suit you.”
“Tell it to the moron who caused my clothes to shred.”
“Wait…” Takayu started. “Melfina… you’re hearing them too?”
“It’s not just in my head then? Oh thank God. I thought I was going insane in my final momen—“
“WAIT A MINUTE!!” they yell, their eyes shooting open to find two Digimon standing in front of them.

One was a humanoid looking Digimon wearing red armour that had a yellow trim to it. Her hair was a brunette colour and tied in a long plait that fell behind her back. Her shoulder pads had a jewel in each of them, and around her waist was a belt with two holsters, each carrying a whip. Under the armour was a black bodysuit and an armoured skirt and knee high boots finished the outfit.
“Dekujyamon!” exclaimed Takayu. “But… but how?”
Next to her was a smaller Digimon, a grey squirrel with a tuft of shaggy hair and large fluffy twin tails.
“Auroramon!” called out Melfina. “This is preposterous. How could you have possibly known?”
“Later! Just quick. Take this!” Auroramon replied, handing Melfina her Digivice, placing the tiny device in Melfina’s oversized hand, Dekujyamon doing the same with Takayu’s.
Double Growth - Part 5?
My friend :iconleiyuna: loves writing/drawing Giant/ess stories, and during this past week has done a few projects using our old Digimon characters, Takayu Syaoran and Melfina Rose.
She wrote 3 parts to this story and then left it rather open ended, and then challenged me to finish it up to get me writing again.

I accepted and this is my effort.
This is also the reason it's in Scrapbook as it's not supposed to overtake her works, but just be an inspired continuation.


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So, first thing's first, this is not a review in the purest sense, more just me rambling about the game, things I've noticed compared to other games and whether or not the price tag is justified.

I've sunk about 3.5 hours into the game and... my feelings are mixed.

First off, the game is pretty much Digital Only here, and while I'm not pushed about losing the cards packed in per se, I prefer physical media, so this was almost a deal-breaker. But, with BushiRoad not bringing the CardFight!! Vanguard games to the west, I wanted a card fighter I was familiar with, and YGO hasn't seen DS love since, WC2012 Over The Nexus.

I like the game, or at least I want to like it.
It's a serviceable card fight simulator, with it's only real flaws being that the lack of a player character driven story mode is really weird to me given past games, World Championship and Tag Force for example.

The story mode is more play as any of the in-series characters, play through a tournament and unlock cards to use in Free Play, which is Single Player for your Player Character only vs the in-series characters. This sounds fun in theory, but there's no online or even local multiplayer, so it's obviously not going to be the relaunch of the World Championship brand, but why should I bother with Free Play and building my own deck, when I can't even play against my friends? It's the first Yu-Gi-Oh! game on 3DS and Konami nerfed the one thing that makes dueling fun, the very thing their own franchise promotes extensively - playing with friends and making friends through play.

And I should mention "in-series" here refers STRICTLY to ZeXal. It is not like the game on X-Box Live or PSN where you can fight Yugi, Judai, Yusei and Yuma. World Duel Carnival's 40 character roster is limited to just Yuma and his friends.

You CAN edit character decks during each character's story mode, but you're still playing as that character. Changing Yuma's deck doesn't swap Yuma out for the Konami PC, so it's pointless to do so.

Oh, and because Japan has had this for the last year, May 2013 to be precise, the game is already out of date card wise and I'll need to wait until the next one before using anything from Dragons of Legend. But, that last point may just be bias on my part.

An out of date card pool, a game of forced solitude, and graphically very basic. Does anyone remember those 3D monster models that would appear on top of cards and battle in DS versions of the game? Yeah, they got nixed here, and the in-game cards look closer to their 4Kids style than anything I've seen previously - they don't even pretend to have effect/flavour text.
So, what do I like about the game? It has a charm to it, I guess. The characters are bright and cheerful some outfit designs are ridiculous, and the in-game AI is smarter and faster than anything prior to this. Also, there is a BAD-ASS piece of music that kicks in when your opponent drops below 3000 Life Points.

The potential for a great Yu-Gi-Oh! game is there, rather than just a serviceable one. It's a real shame Konami nerfed a lot of the things that made the DS versions memorable, like having a character that you design and whose deck you build interacting on a storyline level with the main cast. Having to buy packs rather than the game just throwing cards into your Trunk as you win is also a mixed bag, the former being how the older games did it, but the new way just let's just jump into the deep-end, so it balances out, or it would if jumping into the deep-end helped you build a greater deck to combat against your friends.

Oh, and I may need to go back and check, but I swear the Japanese commercials for this promoted Augmented Reality features using real cards from the card game proper. There is none of that here.

On the 3DS eShop, the game is €39.95. It's not worth it at that price, and I wish I knew that going in. If it were maybe 10 or 15 euro cheaper I'd recommend it just for those looking to get a portable card fighter fix. There are some games that should never be single player only. This is one of them.
Maybe Konami will get it right next time.


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